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Where the H#$% have you been?

Um working. Working on Art, Working at home, Working at driving to and from RRHS for Soccer Girl and Lax Man; Running a soccer tournament…I really could not tell you, it was all a whirl wind as this time of year often is.  Now, I am resting and thinking about what I will dive into… Continue reading Where the H#$% have you been?

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i am tired of winter… yada yada yada

When life gives you sleet – make SUMMER ART. There is little you can do about Mother Nature – except maybe alter her works of art a little to create a new work of art. Anyone who is experiencing the remnants of winter has just had it. My friend Dave pleaded with MN to stop… Continue reading i am tired of winter… yada yada yada

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Dog Art

So ……. here is the latest watercolor and ink work – not overly complicated but lots of fun and very colorful.  Inspired by the incipit cold / hot / cold / freezing weather – there is actually a pretty big collection of these now.  You would have thought that “birds” would have been the first, given… Continue reading Dog Art

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I love you.

No its not another ‘cheesy’ valentines day post , I did that last week – it’s a present. It’s a list of ‘happy’ words. Cut them up, transfer ’em – do whatever you would like – use ’em in your artwork… i only ask that if you repost or pin that you share using my… Continue reading I love you.

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It’s that time of year when publicly, you exclaim your love by purchasing cards, gifts , flowers or a lovely dinner for your sweetheart. Um No. I am fortunate – I have had the same valentine for 20 years yet it seems like just yesterday we were married. To celebrate Valentines day there is always… Continue reading Sweethearts…

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Keeping on track …

In an effort to keep on track with the ” building a collection thing” , here are four bird works . They will become the basis of design so each will build out into collection. You probably can see the similarities to the sketches from last week – hopefully . Working like this is hard… Continue reading Keeping on track …

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Brilliant Little Birdies – the beginning of a collection

here are my ‘morning’ sketches from this week. I was trying to NOT be symmetrical & I think I achieved that . It’s making me a little uncomfortable – but that’s the entire point – to stretch your ideas.  I find them silly – and whimsical. I am always going for whimsical and I am… Continue reading Brilliant Little Birdies – the beginning of a collection