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the test of ‘realness’

So this week i finished a 24 x 24 commission that was sort of rendered by my appearance at the Carolina Beach Arts Festival. A Pelican Collage. Have you seen it before ? yes. Thing is it was for someone that I have to see on a daily basis and it was ‘scary’. He insisted… Continue reading the test of ‘realness’

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Tearing paper, a mathbook and collage

I am a relatively ‘new’ artist – like ten years or so. Before that, I was a math nut. These are two really different sides of the brain… so it only makes sense that i would tear up an ancient matchbook (circa 1865) and create a Pelican. The math book was falling apart literally, but… Continue reading Tearing paper, a mathbook and collage

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Keeping on track …

In an effort to keep on track with the ” building a collection thing” , here are four bird works . They will become the basis of design so each will build out into collection. You probably can see the similarities to the sketches from last week – hopefully . Working like this is hard… Continue reading Keeping on track …

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Brilliant Little Birdies – the beginning of a collection

here are my ‘morning’ sketches from this week. I was trying to NOT be symmetrical & I think I achieved that . It’s making me a little uncomfortable – but that’s the entire point – to stretch your ideas.  I find them silly – and whimsical. I am always going for whimsical and I am… Continue reading Brilliant Little Birdies – the beginning of a collection

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You are my inspiration

Every once in a while I will get addicted to another artist’s work. At first I stare, then I try to do it justice by imitation (something some art teacher taught me in school), and then I try to adapt the learning to my own style. If you take classes in a certain style or… Continue reading You are my inspiration