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it’s almost sweetie time

making valentines – hand lettering and gellis

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Sunday Fun-Days

I’ve been teaching myself to digitize my artwork. This is a combination of my hand lettering and an abstract Watercolor flower.  I decided that it might be fun to create a new way to share artwork…. so…. Introducing a new art game – kinda like Cards Against Humanity except you pick the answers from your… Continue reading Sunday Fun-Days

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Back to work….

Vacation is usually a time to relax and let go. For us, it was a time to repair- and I don’t mean our bodies- I mean water pump for the well $900; sailboat bridle $55.00; porch furniture with pretty pillows $ 940 (because it was on sale and because the 3 pound kitty fell through… Continue reading Back to work….

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Memorial Fish

Happy Memorial Day! A few weeks ago I was watching a movie on the girlie channel about a girl living in Wally-mart who gave birth to a baby named Americus. I think this sounds more like a species of fish than a name for a child, and so in a weird-sort-of-movie-inspires-art kind of way, the… Continue reading Memorial Fish

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You are my inspiration

Every once in a while I will get addicted to another artist’s work. At first I stare, then I try to do it justice by imitation (something some art teacher taught me in school), and then I try to adapt the learning to my own style. If you take classes in a certain style or… Continue reading You are my inspiration