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i am tired of winter… yada yada yada

When life gives you sleet – make SUMMER ART. There is little you can do about Mother Nature – except maybe alter her works of art a little to create a new work of art. Anyone who is experiencing the remnants of winter has just had it. My friend Dave pleaded with MN to stop… Continue reading i am tired of winter… yada yada yada

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Flight and doodling

Doodling is many things- relaxation, art form, unconscious entertainment and for me a flight mechanism . If i want to leave the present – just for a few minutes- i let the pen take over . seeing that Butterflies are the essence of flight , they seem to make an appropriate subject matter ! Hope… Continue reading Flight and doodling

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Whimsyhood- it’s construction time

Part of building a body of work is finding common ground on which to create multiple pieces. At Whimsyville it’s almost spring and that means “new” construction. Here are the first few pieces for the new neighborhood or rather, Whimsyhood! Happy PPF. Please join Paint Party Friday in its efforts to support the community of… Continue reading Whimsyhood- it’s construction time

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Body of work- Beachlife and Freshfish

In an effort to grow the body of work that I call Beachlife , this little pair finished yesterday will be added to the pile. I will never tire of giving fish , crabs and other sea creatures their own character marks- they just make me happy. Hope you all have a great PPF and… Continue reading Body of work- Beachlife and Freshfish