The birth of the Whimsical Love Story Map

Really, the last time I posted was July 4th ? it’s October. So WHAT AM I working on ? Whimsical, Romantic, Sweet little love story Maps. Earlier in the summer, I was hired by Ben through CustomMade, to create the perfect little love-story map for his bride Rebecca as a wedding gift. Totally his idea.… Continue reading The birth of the Whimsical Love Story Map

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Where the H#$% have you been?

Um working. Working on Art, Working at home, Working at driving to and from RRHS for Soccer Girl and Lax Man; Running a soccer tournament…I really could not tell you, it was all a whirl wind as this time of year often is.  Now, I am resting and thinking about what I will dive into… Continue reading Where the H#$% have you been?

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Dog Art

So ……. here is the latest watercolor and ink work – not overly complicated but lots of fun and very colorful.  Inspired by the incipit cold / hot / cold / freezing weather – there is actually a pretty big collection of these now.  You would have thought that “birds” would have been the first, given… Continue reading Dog Art

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It’s that time of year when publicly, you exclaim your love by purchasing cards, gifts , flowers or a lovely dinner for your sweetheart. Um No. I am fortunate – I have had the same valentine for 20 years yet it seems like just yesterday we were married. To celebrate Valentines day there is always… Continue reading Sweethearts…

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The refreshing odor of freshly cut lumber and art space restrictions

Karl the Contractor is busy in the basement adding a bathroom on the same floor as the studio – (there goes my art exercise – that is running upstairs to use the bathroom) and, god forbid,  a ‘kitchen’ . It seems to me that this space is becoming a ‘man cave’ – complete with spear… Continue reading The refreshing odor of freshly cut lumber and art space restrictions

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The month of Gratefulness….

I am a haphazard blogger – and honestly, I wish I had enough important thoughts to blog daily – this month is whizzing by and in a very, very short time we will be sitting down to that huge family gathering to remind ourselves of what is important – family and friends. One of the… Continue reading The month of Gratefulness….